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Orange Oil Termite Pest Control – XT-2000 Orange Oil

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We have covered termite pest control in the past and alternative treatments including Orange oil.  There are radio commercials running all the time saying that some Orange oil does not contain much Orange oil and is made from petroleum products.  We decided to investigate this area to see what the issues are.

Active Ingredients in Orange Oil

Orange oil pest control products contain the active ingredient d-limonene. D-limonene is extracted from the rinds of oranges, and is used in many household products due to its low toxicity. Orange peels are pressed and distilled to produce technical grade orange oil. Orange oil work by destroying the wax coating of the termite’s respiratory system. It is highly acidic making it toxic to termites. Orange oil move through wood, filling up the treated wood until termites are hit. d-limonene is also used in pet shampoos and household cleaners.

XT- 2000 Orange Oil

XT-2000 is one of the main distributors of Orange Oil and advertises 95% pure Orange Oil, they do not mention what the other 5% is. Here is the MSDS document for XT-2000 Orange Oil that does not mention the other ingredients. Orange oil has a residue level of about four days, then it fades away.

XT-2000 claim’s that other product, ProCitra, is only 10% Orange Oil d-linonene and 90% other ingredients including petroleum distillate, so if a pest control firm is not using XT-2000 ask for their MSDS documents to see how much Orange oil is in the product as it can vary.  We looked at many pest control web sites advertising Orange Oil or d-limonene and found no consistency.

The Bugman has commented on past studies of Orange Oil. There were some anomalies with application of Orange Oil that may have tainted any results.

Termite control utilizing eco-friendly ingredients is enabled through the use of citrus based products. You can also use similar products to control other pests that affect your life. Be sure to read our article on Eco-friendly Green Pest ControlTermites? Green Termite Control – Consider Orange Oil

Posted on August 6th, 2012
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  4. James Says:

    We haven’t tried the product yet but seems to be a viable alternative to other toxic products. Do you know where we are able to get a sample of the product?

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