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15 Jun

Toxic Bubble Tea – Tapioca Pearl Tea – DEHP

Posted by Norman Fong, June 15th, 2011

quickly bubble tea, tapioca pearls

There is currently a scare over toxic ingredients in Bubble tea or Tapioca pearl tea that originated in Taiwan and is now available throughout Asia and in many American Asian communities. The problem originated in Taiwan because chemical firms sold clouding agents and jams using plasticizers that were used by some firms serving this drink. It was also found in other foods including dietary supplements, energy drinks, juices and jellies. Possibly carcinogenic and reproductive problem producing chemicals DEHP and DOP were present in these tainted items. The fraud for one company started way back in 1996.

Passion fruit juice, mango juice and lychee juice produced by Possmei were on the DEHP contamination related recall list. The company also supplies bubble tea ingredients, causing the scare.

The emulsifier is usually not added when making tapioca balls- a main ingredient of bubble milk tea — making contamination unlikely they stated.

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10 Jun

New low cost LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting

Posted by Norman Fong, June 10th, 2011

LED Light Bulb

Now that most people have accepted CFL light bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs, a new technology, LED Lighting, is threatening to add a new wrinkle.

LED Light Bulb Advantages

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2 Jun

Cell Phone Radiation Safety

Posted by Norman Fong, June 2nd, 2011

Apple iPhone 3GS smart phone, cell phone

May, 2011, World Health Organization has for the first time stated that there is the possibility that cell phones may cause health problems.

A NIH study in 2011, found that the brain region nearest a cell phone antenna can increase activity in some parts of the brain nearest the antenna.  We do not know if this is good or bad yet.

Environmental Working Group continues their research and has issued a report on the safety of Cell Phone Radiation. It brings to light many possible health issues and calls for more research. We would rather err on the safe side rather than wait for a definitive study. Most of these studies fail to examine children. We would definitely put off giving a kid a cell phone for as long as possible.

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