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Losing Weight During the Holidays, Diet vs Exercise and Walkstation – Multitask – Fight Obesity, Exercise while Working

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The holidays are here!  The media has reported that the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ouch. Big dinners, more alcohol, more snacks, more finger foods, tempting desserts, and appetizers. How can we work to combat those pounds?

Small Packages of Food

Food manufacturers understand that smaller portions of food make you feel like you are eating less. People can graze on snacks throughout the day and feel better about themselves. Watch out for this psychological trap. Some of the mental concepts they use:

  • Wrapped candy like Hershey Kisses tends to be eaten more while we are alone
  • Smaller packages of food cause us to eat less than a larger package
  • Resealable pouches infer freshness
  • Healthy items like fruit and humus are now being sold
  • If a package has multiple servings, like potato chips, people will eat the entire thing anyway
  • People ate more stale popcorn from a larger container than a smaller one
  • Small bite sized chunks of food are seen as having fewer calories, causing people to eat more

Tips to Maintain Your Weight

Exercise and keep going. Do not abandon your exercise routine during the holidays. Work out longer or just start to exercise.  Shoot for 30-45 minutes, three to five times a week. Having someone push you to exercise works.

Runners and walkers received similar health benefits in a American Heart Association study. If the two burned the same number of calories during exercise, they experienced the same reduction in risk for diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The more they exercised, the more their health risks got lower. 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous exercise is recommended.

A recent Time Magazine article raised eyebrows with the proclamation “Why Exercise Won’t Make you Thin”.  The article sums it up with the fact that its what you eat, not how hard you’re exercising that will help you lose weight. Consistent exercise routines are the best. Having short bursts of time when you exercise could lead to adding weight.

So we need to focus on eating less and eating right.

Tips For Eating Better During Difficult Times

1) Fill up your stomach with low calorie healthy foods including fruits and vegetables. Shoot for 7 servings or more a day.  Fill up BEFORE you head to a party.

2) Avoid areas with temptations.  Do not hang out by the buffet table or dining table.

3) Splurge on that fatty item, but limit it. Be a picky eater, do not waste your calories on items that are not worth it.

4) Drink low calorie drinks that will fill you up.  Mineral water anyone?

5) Use a small plate, avoid sauces, load up on low cal salads, and focus on socializing not eating.

6) Visualize the party or holiday dinner ahead of time, and think about how you are going to attack the situation.

7) Learn to override your cravings. A thought is just a thought that doesn’t require a rush to action. Think before you put something in your mouth. Will putting this item in your mouth make you that much happier.

8) Drinking cold water helps the body burn more calories, so skip all those calorie filled drinks.

Get a dog? Average dog owners exercise up to 6 hours more a week than those who work out at a gym. Beware, some dog owners are obese and typically mirror the appearance of their dogs.

Walkstation – Multitask – Fight Obesity, Exercise while Working

Details from Steelcase just introduce the new $4199 Walkstation.

This combination height adjustable desk integrates a treadmill. It is designed low speed operation with maximum speed of 2 miles per hour. This might sound like a very slow pace, but it is very hard to use a mouse when walking. People also need to worry about accidents.

Multitask! Fight obesity, improve your health, and exercise while Working. Or spend more time working and less time outside the office.

Somehow this product reminds us of this:

Funnie in her wheel
Creative Commons License photo credit: lorda

Green EcoMill Treadmill

Woodway has a new EcoMill green manually powered treadmill that uses zero electricity. It has a battery that recharges as the user exercises. Many treadmills uses almost 1000 watts of power. Wow, that is one major step forward.

These guys even make a Desk Mill Desk Treadmill

Posted on October 1st, 2023
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  1. Jim Reed Says:

    It really stinks that there is no silver bullet for keeping weight off, but at least we can give the old school attempt.

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