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19 Jul

Healthy Food Options to Avoid Harmful Chemicals and Risks

Posted by Norman F, July 19th, 2021

Last Update: 1/13/2023

organic oranges

Is this Okay to Eat?

Every year it seems that a new study comes up telling us that another popular food is unhealthy or causes cancer. The latest controversy in 2015 was over processed meats and the WHO declaring that bacon, hot dogs, etc cause colorectal cancer. It seems what is good this year, is bad the next.  Is Kale next?

Everyone knows about the major food groups, eating a balanced diet, and following USDA’s My Plate. Here are some healthy  food options that we have read about that help people avoid harmful chemicals.

Plant Based Diets

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Reusable coffee cup, coffee cup

Coffee drinkers are joining the green crowd by selecting eco friendly coffee options. We will examine some of the attributes you should look for when shopping for coffee.

Coffee plantations sometimes cause land to be cleared and pesticides and chemicals to be used. Newer shade plantations use natural tree canopies allowing animals to survive in trees while coffee can be grown in a more eco friendly method.

Cleaning up Coffee Processing

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