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9 Jan

Improving Indoor Air Quality – VOC eating Plants – Hepa Air Filters

Posted by Norman F, January 9th, 2018

air cleaning plant, air purifying plant

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality refers to how clean the air indoors is. We spend 90-95% of our time indoors. Often times the air outside is cleaner. This leads to health problems like allergies, asthma, etc.

Consumer Product Safety Commission and EPA has a good guide on how to improve indoor air quality. EPA has an extensive list of items that affect indoor air quality.

Major air quality problems include: Smoking, Fireplaces, Mold, Dust, Radon, Stoves.

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5 Sep

Eco-friendly, Safe, or Green Cosmetics, Natural Make Up, Soap, and Skin Care

Posted by Norman F, September 5th, 2016

whole foods, natural cosmetics, no more toxic chemicals

Everyone wants to look good and feel good about their body. Did you know that many cosmetics that women use on a daily basis may contain toxic ingredients? Most cosmetics don’t even have an ingredients list on them. It’s time people know what they are putting on their body.

Eco-friendly or Green Cosmetics are starting to become mainstream. Companies are touting their products as being natural, no animal tested, organic, etc. There have been lawsuits over the wording. Natural Make Up is becoming more important to the entire cosmetic industry as well to consumers.

What should you look for in a green cosmetic, makeup, lotion, or hair care product?

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