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30 Jan

Living with a Tesla Model S 70D Electric Car Review in the Real World

Posted by Norman F, January 30th, 2017

Last Update: 1/30/2017

Tesla-Factory Super Charger Model S

Tesla Factory

We recently purchased a Tesla Model S 70D. Much has been written about this excellent electric car—instead of providing a more technical review, we will provide insight gleaned from day to day use of this car in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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14 Sep

Installing Your First Home Electric Car Charger

Posted by Norman F, September 14th, 2015



Anyone interested in taking the plunge with an electric car or Plug-in Electric Vehicles (EV’s) needs to investigate their charging options. Adding a charger to your garage can become a several hundred dollar project or several thousand dollar home improvement project. Each vehicle needs a different type of charger system and each house has a different electrical system.

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In 2015, PG&E and BMW announced the BMW i ChargeForward Program that allow BMW i3 owners to get paid for delaying charging when the power grid is under heavy strain. Get up to $1540!

Tesla Model S electric Car

Tesla Model S is the first luxury production electric car. With up to 265 mile range and extremely fast 0-60 times of 3.2 seconds, this state of the art electric car has 5+2 seating. 29 miles per hour of charging via 240V outlet.

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