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23 Jan

10 Green Spring Cleaning Tips and Season Home Preparation Tips

Posted by Norman F, January 23rd, 2019

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Spring is rapidly approaching, it is time to clean up your place. EWG Has a nice list of tips to help you clean your house the green more eco-friendly way.

  • Check the exterior of your home and repair any cracked or flaking paint
  • Check and clean gutters again
  • It is time to work on your garden and rejuvenate your lawn
  • Inspect and test your sprinkler system. It will be needed soon
  • Clean out your garage and closets. The holiday season is over and it is time to donate useless items and recycle other things
  • Bad weather is over. Your car needs some TLC. Change its oil if necessary, get an inspection, clean and wax its exterior
  • Check and clean chimney if necessary
  • The heater will get a rest, so it’s time to check your air conditioner and its filters
  • Check your roof and patch or replace any damaged areas

Some other useful tips

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10 Jul

Cell Phone Radiation Safety

Posted by Norman F, July 10th, 2016

Apple iPhone 3GS smart phone, cell phone

Are cellphones safe?

May 2016, National Toxicology Program found “low incidences” of 2 types of tumors in male rats that were exposed to the type of radio frequencies that are commonly emitted by the US telecommunications industry. The NTP report said the complete study results would be released by the fall of 2017.

May, 2011, World Health Organization has for the first time stated that there is the possibility that cell phones may cause health problems. They said cellphone radiation was a group 2B possible carcinogen.

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