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19 Dec

Optimizing Setting a Programmable Thermostat for Winter

Posted by Norman F, December 19th, 2019

Easy Eco Blog Electric Programmable Thermostat

The average household will spend over $1100 staying warm during the winter.  This cost just keeps going straight up.  You can lower your heating costs by 2-5% for every 1 degree lower you set your thermostat. Easily save $200 a year.

Housing accounts for 20% of total US energy use with heating and cooling consuming a whopping 44% of residential energy use.

We realized that we were not setting our programmable thermostat optimally, when we saw some tips that result in lower energy use. We would set the thermostat to heat to my desired temperature of 65 degrees from 6pm to 7am. Many people will prefer 68 degrees, but we like wearing sweaters at home. (Or are so cheap we have to)

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10 Sep

Al Borland from Home Improvement and Bob Vila EdenPURE heaters

Posted by Norman F, September 10th, 2012

EdenPURE heaters

Al Borland (Richard Karn) from Home Improvement is advertsing the EdenPURE home heater. He is the new spokesman for the 2013 $372 EdenPURE Heater.

Prior to this, it was known as: Bob Vila money saving EdenPURE portable heaters are being advertised nationwide in newspapers and  supplements again, with the headline “Bob Vila ranks new 2011 EdenPURE portable heater #1 in North America”, “Bob Vila’s #1 money saver for 2009″ “U.S. designed and engineered GEN 4 uses new Sylvania heat source and EdenFLOW(TM) direct air technology.” We decided to investigate.

Anytime we see a call to order within 10 days to get a $75 discount and free shipping, we have to wonder. Suarez Corporation makes the product and has an A- Better Business Bureau record but 254 complaints.

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