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PG&E customers can get a big $500 back for EV ownership!

This is in addition to the $7500 Federal Tax Credit on New Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicles. Tesla will hit the limit on this credit in 2018.


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29 Sep

Airplane Fuel Efficiency and Airplane CO2 Emissions Calculator

Posted by Norman F, September 29th, 2014

airplane carbon offset

Vacation? Traveling on a plane or car?

A recent article analyzed the fuel efficiency of airlines and found they get 60 to 75 seat miles per gallon of fuel in 2009.  Better than the 50 mpg of a Toyota Prius hybrid automobile. Alaska, JetBlue, Southwest, and Continental were best.  The most fuel efficient planes were the Boeing 777-200ER wide body at 82 mpg and Boeing 737-900 at 99 mpg.  The Airbus A320 at 77 mpg is their best.

Want to go a step further? We noticed a Climate passport kiosk in the airport.  You can pay to offset your airplanes emissions. A 2,000 Miles (4 hr flight) generates 1,869 lbs of  CO2, and costs $11.44 to offset. The money goes toward:

Climate Passport Carbon Footprint Calculator uses carbon offsets from the Garcia River Forest. This project is based Mendocino County, California and is focused on the capture of carbon dioxide and the storage of it within native redwood forest. They also work to create a sustainable inventory of eco-friendly wood.

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