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7 Sep

How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool

Posted by Norman F, September 7th, 2017

Natural swimming pools have been popular in Europe for years, but are now starting to make a splash in the United States and grow in popularity quickly. They are a fantastic nature-based sustainable and chemical-free alternative to traditional and mass manufactured pools.

Literally ‘green’ pools are kept healthy by developing their own plant-based ecosystem while creating a beautiful landscape feature for your garden at the same time. The plants and their careful aeration process bad bacteria and keep the pool looking clear, clean and healthy. Various plant habitats are planted in different zones of the pool. These plants typically include; rushes, water lilies, and sedges.

In this article, we break down the steps of building your own natural pool from digging the hole, lining, zoning different habitats, planting and considering different pool deck ideas to get the most out of your natural pool. Read the rest of this entry »

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variable Speed Pool Pumps, multi speed pool pump

Swimming pool pumps use a ton of electricity. It is estimated that they use up a shockingly high percentage of all residential power and use almost 1500 kWh of power each year. Spa pumps and heaters use up to 2250 kWh of energy every year. The pool pump uses most of the power, so finding energy efficient pool pumps is very important. It pushes water through filtration units and has not changed in many years. New variable speed pool pumps are now available. They are energy efficient and are quieter by running motors slower, but run for longer periods of time.

Pool Pump Power Usage

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17 May

Swimming Pool Covers to Save Money

Posted by Norman F, May 17th, 2016

swimming pool cover

Swimming pools are major resource sinks.  If you are gifted (or cursed) with a swimming pool or spa, a pool cover is an essential item.  It helps improve the safety of the pool by preventing small kids from falling in and it helps reduce electrical, heating, and chemical costs.

Pool covers are not substitutes for fences.  Every pool should be fenced and locked. Many localities including ours require a perimeter fence around the pool.

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