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Earth Day 2019 – Become more Eco-Friendly and Green

Posted by Norman F

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Happy Earth Day, Monday April 22, 2019. It’s great that more attention is being paid to eco friendly, green causes. Earth Day started slow, but has gained momentum every year. We celebrate it everyday as do many of our readers. Look for local events in your community.

Take time to help educate friends, neighbors, family members, and strangers about ways to lead a more eco friendly or green lifestyle. Only through extended enlightenment, can the cause succeed.

  • Eat leftovers, do not go out to eat
  • Use a refillable water bottle
  • Change all your lightbulbs to CFLs or LEDs
  • Walk or take public transportation instead of driving your car today.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Recycle everything you can today. Learn new ways to recycle items.
  • Plant a new tree in your garden
  • Stick to organic, sustainable, and local products today.
  • Eliminate your junk mail
  • Start using a reusable bag
  • Switch to an Electric Car like a Chevy Bolt or Tesla Model 3
  • Put solar panels on your roof

Celebrate Earth Day by doing something new and eco friendly, while helping to educate others. Earth day needs to be every day, not just a once a year event.

Do you have any other suggestions for Earth Day?  Please share below!

Posted on April 21st, 2019
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One Response to “Earth Day 2019 – Become more Eco-Friendly and Green”

  1. Polypro Says:

    Earth day is a great time to focus on recycling. Thanks for sharing!

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