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Stop Junk Mail, Stop Direct Marketing, Stop Robocalls Today

Posted by Norman F

Annoying and wasteful.

Junk e-mail wastes natural resources, everything from paper to plastic to fuel to get the mail into your mailbox.  It is critical to limit the amount of junk mail you receive.

The Direct Marketing Association allows you to opt out of receiving unsolicited commercial mail and e-mail.

Stop Junk Mail.org has an easy to use printable form to stop junk mail. It has postcards to send in, places to write to, and 800 numbers to call to get you off many direct marketing lists.

Getting less of this stuff is a green want to reduce material usage in the world.

Privacy Rights.org has a list of places you can opt out of offers yourself.

OptOutPrescreen is the official consumer credit industry’s site to opt out of credit offers.

ProQuo is a company helps stop junk mail, but seems to be more of a venture funded business that is designed to help get catalogs and mailings you might want to you.

Similar CatalogChoice is a company helps reduce unwanted catalogs but allows you to select new ones you may want.

Digital Paperless Mailbox with Zumbox

San Francisco is experimenting with Zumbox.com for paperless mail delivery.  Zumbox is a secure e-mail service that allows senders to contact people online using their street address.  Mail is scanned and goes into your online mailbox.

Individuals and Households may send postcards, letters, and other mailings to 50 street addresses each month at no cost. The service costs less than postage when sending more mail, at 5 cents per e-mail.  It also saves the trees and recycling costs.

The advantages of this are that you can  check your mail anytime from any computer, take control of your mail, reduce clutter, and  store your mail safely and securely. They mail you a security code to ensure privacy.

Eliminate your mail with Outbox

Another physical elimination service that has limited service right now is called Outbox. For $4.99 a month, they will digitize your mail, and make accessible via an iPad App. This service is similar to Zumbox, but is still in its infancy. The postal service continues to lose money every day, so one day they may outsource their services to a company like this.

Stop Robocalls

Equally as bad are robocalls to your home and cell phone. Robocalls are when you answer the phone and here a recorded message. We have received them as have most of you. Being on the National Do No Call Registry does not help you avoid illegal robocalls.

The FTC is is actively filing lawsuits against companies performing this illegal activity. They have taken down firms responsible for billions of illegal calls. Contests have been setup to find solutions, leading to the creation of Nomorobo, an award winning blocker.

ATT has a Call Protect App that detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters before they reach you. A list of blocked calls can be viewed in the AT&T Call Protect app. Runs on iOS and Android.

Do you have some anti junk mail tips?

Posted on July 21st, 2017
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