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New low cost LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting

Posted by Norman F

LED Light Bulb

Now that most people have accepted CFL light bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs, a new technology, LED Lighting, is threatening to add a new wrinkle.

LED Light Bulb Advantages

LED Light bulbs are finally coming down in cost in large manufacturers like Phillips are  now making them. They use 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, which is even LESS than compact fluorescent light bulbs. (CFL) A 40 watt equivalent LED bulb uses only 7 watts versus about 8-10 watts for CFLs. LED light bulbs are also instantly on. These lights also render colors better than CFL, with Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 to 90, close to the 100 of an incandescent bulb. Efficacy is how efficient a light bulb is. LEDs are typically in the 54 range, while CFLs are around 60. Incandescent bulbs produce a low 18 on the Efficacy scale.

LED bulbs do not need as much air circulation as CFLs, hence they are better for recessed lights and other lights with little air flow. These bulbs turn on immediately and are cool to the touch.

LED Light Bulb Disadvantages

LED light bulbs are pricey because they are so complex. The LED drivers, heat dissipation, and power supplies make them more complex and pricey. Another problem with LED light bulbs is getting them to cast light in a shape that will illuminate your room. LEDs are point lighting sources that shine in only one direction.

Prices are currently high, but rapidly coming down in the last year. A 9 W LED light bulb is the equivalent of a 40 W incandescent bulb, but costs around $9.97. LED light bulbs cost an average of $1.50 a year for power, to operate, similar to CFLs.

LED Light Bulb Lifespan

They are rated for about 25,000 hours or 20 year life span! The estimate is based on three hours of daily use. One of the biggest measurements problems is measuring the life span of LED light bulbs. They do not burn out, they simply start fading. The current benchmark is called L70, which is the point at which an LED generates only 70% of its original output. They contain no mercury so they can be disposed of normally, unlike CFLs. LED lamps have many benefits.

Consider LED lighting when you need new light bulbs.

Energy Saving Bulbs, Green LED Lamp

Affordable LED lighting has now hit desk lamps. LEDs use less energy, almost upto 90% less than conventional bulbs. Each LED emits a small amount of light, so these lamps have multiple LEDs. Some lamps use newer warmer-colored LEDs and newer high power LEDs. High power LEDs use about 1.5 watts of power. Six of these would provide ample lighting for a desk and still use less than 9 watts of power. Amazon has LED lamp models as low as $8.50.

LED Light

New LED based flashlights are also now available. Many used multiple LEDs to increase light output.

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Posted on June 10th, 2011
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6 Responses to “New low cost LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting”

  1. Light Pro Says:

    I am a strong lover of LED light bulbs and replacement lamps, but they are sadly just not advanced enough yet for normal use. I use them in my living room as accent lights, but that is about all they are good for yet. For normal lighting I am using the CFLs and seeing large energy savings. Cant wait to see the LEDs become mainstream.

  2. Jules Says:

    For under $10, there’s an LED bulb that I prefer to the Ace or Costco versions. I’ve tried those and the quality isn’t there. But I found a great LED bulb online at Eaglelight. You go to the main page, then click on LED Interior Bulbs on the left and you’l come to a page that shows the “VIVID 36 LED” for $9.99.

    This light packs a punch! It generates so much light. And the Eaglelight dot com website gives you a money back guarantee so there’s no risk.

    No matter which LEDs you choose or from where you get them, do switch to LED s and help save our planet.

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  5. Home Power Saver Says:

    Nice piece…I’ve been unable to find such great prices so its nice to know they are out there somewhere.

    Because of the price I’ve been limiting LED installations to niche solutions, like my daughters night light (the C Crane night light LED is great), and some hard to reach stairwell lighting.

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