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Amish Heaters – Free Heat Surge Miracle Convecta-red Fireplace Heater Advertisement

Posted by Norman F

amish heater, Heat surge, Miracle Convecta-red fireplace heater

World-famous FREE Amish built Heat Surge Miracle Convecta-red fireplace heater advertisements have shown up in a variety of magazines and newspapers. Free Amish Heaters to the first 17,247 readers! They tout a low-cost energy-efficient heater that is superior to other heaters. The mantle is priced at $298 and you have to pay for it to get the free heater. You can pay $249 for the heather itself.

Consumer Reports.org performed an analysis of “Amish Heaters”  and found that it is costly for what it represents. “Amish made mantle is handmade in Ohio.” Amish Heaters are made in China.

These experts concluded that you could find cheaper, better performing heaters. A simple $29.99 heater from a local hardware store might perform better.

This Amish heater is made in China, and they are patented for their fireless flame that gives you a “peaceful” flicker of a flame. The Canton BBB learned the Amish-made mantel represented in the ad is crafted and assembled by local craftsman from Holmes and Geauga counties in Ohio. These are created in factories using modern tools, not in Amish barns.

You are paying $300 for basically what turns out to be a simple 1500-watt space heater.

Surplus Hybrid-Thermic Miracle Heaters

The same company is now pushing their heater under the name Surplus Hybrid-Thermic Miracle Heaters. The Heat Surge HT-XL is being touted as a surplus heater that will be handed over to the first 16,049 residents that call them. Unfortunately it is not free like the article sort-of implies, it costs $547.

A top rated Honeywell HZ-517 natural convection heater only costs $77.  It has a tip over sensor, temperature display, and hot surface alert unlike other heaters.

One heater that you need to be aware of is the highly advertised Bob Villa EdenPURE heaters

Posted on February 13th, 2012
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3 Responses to “Amish Heaters – Free Heat Surge Miracle Convecta-red Fireplace Heater Advertisement”

  1. Mira-Cool Free Air Cooler Ads | Easy Eco Blog Says:

    […] ad reminds me of the Amish built heaters ads. […]

  2. L.S. Says:

    This is a scam, do not waste your money. These people should be behind bars with all the other scam artists. You cannot get more than 1500 watts of heat out of a 120 volt recepticle.

  3. EdenPURE heaters | Easy Eco Blog Says:

    […] product has similar issues to the Amish Heaters – Free Heat Surge Miracle Convecta-red Fireplace Be Sociable, Share! TweetRelated […]

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