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Al Borland from Home Improvement and Bob Vila EdenPURE heaters

Posted by Norman F

EdenPURE heaters

Al Borland (Richard Karn) from Home Improvement is advertsing the EdenPURE home heater. He is the new spokesman for the 2013 $372 EdenPURE Heater.

Prior to this, it was known as: Bob Vila money saving EdenPURE portable heaters are being advertised nationwide in newspapers and  supplements again, with the headline “Bob Vila ranks new 2011 EdenPURE portable heater #1 in North America”, “Bob Vila’s #1 money saver for 2009″ “U.S. designed and engineered GEN 4 uses new Sylvania heat source and EdenFLOW(TM) direct air technology.” We decided to investigate.

Anytime we see a call to order within 10 days to get a $75 discount and free shipping, we have to wonder. Suarez Corporation makes the product and has an A- Better Business Bureau record but 254 complaints.

Bob Vila EdenPURE heaters facts

The EdenPURE heaters are made is China not the USA.

It’s extremely overpriced, and the advertising is misleading and incomplete. The ad does not state the wattage or BTU rating.They apparently don’t want potential buyers to comparison shop based on the wattage rating and price.

“Reduced heating bills.” This claim is not qualified at all. Naturally you assume these savings are versus a comparable electric heat (1500W). Simple math and physics will point out that if one is generating heat from electricity, you can not get above 100% efficiency. This claim is VERY misleading!

This forum thread has lots of information about the Bob Vila EdenPURE portable heater from mostly unsatisfied customers.

Per a forum posting:

“No electric heater uses up room oxygen, as can propane, natural gas, or kerosene heaters that draw their combustion air from the room. No electric heaters generate carbon monoxide, as can propane, natural gas, or kerosene heaters that are not vented with a chimney to the outside.”

Consumerreports.org analyzed the EdenPURE portable heaters and said that their Heating Claims Don’t Add Up

Alternatives to the EdenPURE heaters

A top rated Honeywell HZ-517 natural convection heater only costs $77.  It has a tip over sensor, temperature display, and hot surface alert unlike other heaters.

This product has similar issues to the Amish Heaters – Free Heat Surge Miracle Convecta-red Fireplace

Posted on September 10th, 2012
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