9 Mar

Reliant Energy Energy Efficiency Rebates

Posted by Norman F

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New rebates have been added for 2012.

Utility Company Reliant Energy has programs and incentives to help save energy and money.

Questions, call 1-888-467-3542.

Always check your local utility’s web site for rebates before you buy a new item. We recently bought a new dishwasher that had a $50 utility company rebate that was not advertised by the store. They fulfilled the rebate in only 2 weeks. Green your home and get cash back. Most rebates run through December 31 or while funding is available

Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

Be sure to also take advantage of the Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit. This Federal tax credit can save you money in addition to your utility companies’ promotions. It applies to many items including: Wind Turbines – GeoThermal Heat PumpSolar panels.

Additional Resources for more information

Read our article: Ways to Save Energy, Money on your Energy Bill – It is full of tips to save you money.

Interested in Solar? Read our article Are Solar Panels for Me?

Other Power Utility Company Rebates

For Northern California Energy Rebates see: PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates
For Southern California see: SCE Rebates or Southern California Edison Rebate for Energy Efficiency
For San Diego see: SDGE Rebates, SDG&E, or San Diego Gas and Electric Rebate for Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Rebates for other locations.

Posted on March 9th, 2012
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4 Responses to “Reliant Energy Energy Efficiency Rebates”

  1. Charles Morse Says:

    I just switched out all by house lighting for LED. Are there any rebates available? Thanks.

  2. Norman Fong Says:

    Most of the LED – CFL bulb rebates are discounts at the store when you buy them.

    Check your local electric utilities’ website to check for a discount.

  3. Jimmy Nguyen Says:

    I plan to buy a new energy efficience clothe dryer. Can I apply for a rebate through Reliant?

  4. Norman F Says:

    Reliant does not have any clothes dryer rebates for 2017 right now.


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