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2 Apr

Using a Digital Timer to save Energy

Posted by Norman F, April 2nd, 2012

electricity Timer clock to save energy

Digital timers are a very useful in your quest to save money on your energy bill. You can program them to turn devices on and off. More advanced ones allow you to setup different times for different days. Most electric utilities have the lowest rates between midnight and 7 AM, use a timer to schedule appliances or pool filtering during those hours. Intermatic makes a lot of these timers.

We use this outlet plug timer to control our Internet connection.  It is set to turn on at 7 AM in the morning and off at 10 PM at night, seven days a week.  The Cablemodem / DSL modem, ATT Microcell,  Ethernet switch, and Wireless router are controlled by the timer.

We found  powering on/off these boxes far too tedious. Many an evening we would forget to power things down.  Installing a timer like this make it automatic.

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