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9 Apr

Smart Powerstrip – Green Powerstrips and Surge protectors

Posted by Norman F, April 9th, 2012

Powerstrips and Surge protectors have evolved into the green era.  They help combat phantom power draw by Power Bricks aka Wall Warts, and other electronic devices. Lawrence Berkley National Labs estimates that 10% of residential power use is wasted toward this as most homes have 40 products constantly drawing phantom power or vampire power even when the device is off.  Save over a $100 a year by fixing this problem.

The new 3rd generation Smart Powerstrip helps you save power if you use a desktop or laptop computer for about $35.  It also works great for TVs. Green Powerstrips have finally started to appear.  You can Measure Energy Usage with a Kill a Watt Energy meter to quantify the power use and savings.

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