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Recycling 3D Glasses – Recycle 3D Glasses in Movie Theaters

Posted by Norman F

Recycle 3D Glasses

3D movies like  Toy Story 3 are doing well at the box office.  Many movies are available in some theaters in 3D and look great.  You will pay extra ($3 locally) for the privilege and be handed a pair of 3D glasses that only work in theaters.  They had a recycling box outside but we saw many people keep their glasses.  About 70% of theaters have these boxes. The boxes are sent to a recycling center, where the 3D glasses are cleaned, checked for quality, and then individually repackaged.

3D Glasses have not other Purpose

Considering these glass only work for RealD 3D movies, people are just adding to their junk piles.  You will not get a discount for bringing these glasses into a different 3D movie.  Most people bring them home and let them gather dust. These glasses also do not work as sunglasses.  Future 3D HDTV’s use 3D glasses with active shutter technology that have batteries inside.

Toy Story 3, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, Shrek Forever After are movies also in 3D, using the same 3D glasses.  It is time people recycle these 3D glasses.

Recycle 3D glasses by returning them to your theater or by sending them to:

100 North Crescent Dr., Suite 120
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Posted on January 22nd, 2010
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9 Responses to “Recycling 3D Glasses – Recycle 3D Glasses in Movie Theaters”

  1. joe Says:

    OR REUSE – keep the glasses for next 3D movie so you wont need a brand new pair!!

  2. bert Says:

    unbelievable, this is using “recycle” at its worst and nobody realizes it. I accept the 1 time feee for the glasses but to keep paying over and over and then asking us to recycle so I can pay for them again? To ask us to recycle is worse.

    I dare someone to link this comment to being “cheap”.

    I would pay $100 for the world to realize this robbery.

    For the record, I loved Avatar but if they dont post something that says “Keep your glasses…so you dont want to repay”.

    Don’t give me its included in the cost. Nothing is “included”. Everything costs.

    Again, one time fee “OK”.

    I will wait a little and then I will burn these glasses and watch the toxic fumes raise into the air as a symbol of how this company is taking advantage of the world.

    If you really cared then you would post some sort of reason why we can not reuse them for this movie or future movies. Hiding behing the guise of something honorable is worse thenthe issue itself.


  3. marshall Says:

    Keep the 3d glasses and next time going to the movies just pay for a differnet movie thats cheaper and hop right in to that 3D one

  4. Ell Says:

    This isn’t even about being “green”. It’s about theaters/companies/whatever being cheap and using the “recycle” issue as a gimmick. I kept mine &I think they’re cool. I’ll find a use, or hell, I’ll let them gather dust. They’re mine. I paid for them. I’ll do what I want with them. 😀

  5. Carlo Says:

    I agree with Bert, it’s ridiculous to pay 3 bucks for glasses everytime you see a 3D movie when you can just reuse them. The theaters won’t let you pay for only the movie because they’re too greedy. I guess 2.5 Billion isn’t enough of a take for everyone involved. Why should I drop my 3D glasses in a box so they can be resold. With all the talk about our environment these days, they sure are adding to the heap. Why not sell good quality glasses for 20 or 30 dollars and you get to reuse them over and over. This way the environment is spared all the extra junk.

  6. Tory Says:

    at my cinemas they dont have these recycle boxes but they suggest u keep them and save a dollar next time wen u bring ur glasses in

    western australia

  7. Paula Says:

    I agree with the other folks…this is not recycling, this is…”Please give us the glasses back so we can re-package them and charge you $3 bucks again” That is the sole reason I kept mine…these companies don’t need to pretend they are being green…they are just finding another way to make more money…ridiculous!!!

  8. AustinMom Says:

    Whew! Am so relieved there are so many people out there that agree with me! My family is sick of my tirade after every single movie when I loudly announce I am *not* “recycling” my 3D glasses, but am rather taking them home to trash them rather than give them BACK to the theater so they can (not sterilize them, I guess, after that Good Housekeeping article let us know), just reuse them. I guess now I will keep enough in my house for each member of my family so we know we are using clean ones…and I guess we will take our unused, packaged pair that we paid for home and throw them in the trash as usual! Sorry easyeco–there is nothing “green” about being taken to the cleaners by a mega theater!

  9. mpomerlo Says:

    The 3$ or 4$ or so that you pay, it not for the glasses, it for the equipement need to show in 3d, the makers and only for the theater they must pay 100,000$ per screen for que equipement to show 3d movies.

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