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8 Sep

What makes a Computer or Electronics Product Green?

Posted by Norman F, September 8th, 2014

computer, lcd monitor, desktop computer

You are interested in a new computer or new TV or new electronics gadget. Your old electronics have been recycled. You want to be green, to minimize the impact on our planet, and are recycling your old product. Very few people know how to judge the eco-friendliness of electronics. Hundreds of new products have hit the market with reduced power needs. Here are some criteria to judge new electronics on greenness:

Buy from a Green Company

Greenpeace has a ranking guide to the top 18 manufacturers. You can see which manufacturers are more serious about the environment. Select ones that are higher up the list. Nokia and Sony Ericsson rank well.

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22 Jan

Recycling 3D Glasses – Recycle 3D Glasses in Movie Theaters

Posted by Norman F, January 22nd, 2010

Recycle 3D Glasses

3D movies like  Toy Story 3 are doing well at the box office.  Many movies are available in some theaters in 3D and look great.  You will pay extra ($3 locally) for the privilege and be handed a pair of 3D glasses that only work in theaters.  They had a recycling box outside but we saw many people keep their glasses.  About 70% of theaters have these boxes. The boxes are sent to a recycling center, where the 3D glasses are cleaned, checked for quality, and then individually repackaged.

3D Glasses have not other Purpose

Considering these glass only work for RealD 3D movies, people are just adding to their junk piles.  You will not get a discount for bringing these glasses into a different 3D movie.  Most people bring them home and let them gather dust. These glasses also do not work as sunglasses.  Future 3D HDTV’s use 3D glasses with active shutter technology that have batteries inside.

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