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  • PG&E Rebates 2013 2014, PGE Rebates, PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates, Appliance rebates
    14 Jan

    PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates 2014 – 2015

    Posted by Norman F

    pge energy efficiency rebate form
    New PG&E rebates have been added for 2015. Most expire 12/31

    Our local utility Pacific Gas and Electric – PG&E has cash rebates and ways to go green and save money. Here are some PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates:

    Heating and Cooling

    • $100 Full Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Standard 4 HVAC System Assessment
    • $100 Refrigeration System Service Rebate
    • $300 Replacement Blower Motor Rebate.
    • $50 One-Year Quality Maintenance Service Agreement Rebate.


    • $50 rebate – Qualifying High-Efficiency Energy Star Clothes Washers
    • $500 rebate on Energy Star Electric Heat Pump Water heater
    • $200 rebate for Energy Star High-Efficiency Gas Storage Water Heater
    • $75 rebate on High Efficient Refrigerator
    • $50 rebate per refrigerator or freezer recycled
    • Solar Energy rebates
    • Home lighting – Discounted CFL and LED Home Lights

    You can even submit PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates requests online and then send in proof of purchase. Questions about PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates, call 1-800-933-9555.

    Energy Incentive Packages

    If you live in California, be sure to check out the up to $6500 Energy Upgrade California Energy Efficiency Rebate

    Always check your local utility’s web site for rebates before you buy a new item. We recently bought a new dishwasher that had a $50 utility company rebate that was not advertised by the store. They fulfilled the rebate in only 2 weeks. Green your home and get cash back. Most rebates run through December 31 or while funding is available.

    You can also call PG&E and ask for a Smart Home Rebate Booklet or check out their Flex your power website.

    Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

    Be sure to also take advantage of the Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit. This Federal tax credit can save you money in addition to your utility companies’ promotions. It applies to many items including: Wind Turbines – GeoThermal Heat PumpSolar panels.

    Purcell Murray distributes appliances in California and has Bosch rebates, Thermador rebates, and rebates for other brands.

    Plug in Electric Vehicle Discounts

    Pacific Gas & Electric has a new E-9 rate plan for plug in electric vehicle or electric car owners. A second power meter may need to be installed for households in which their plug-in electric vehicle charging significantly impacts their daily energy usage.

    Additional Resources for more information

    Read our article: Ways to Save Energy, Money on your Energy Bill – It is full of tips to save you money.

    Interested in Solar? Read our article Are Solar Panels for Me?

    Other Power Utility Company Rebates

    For Northern California Energy Rebates see: PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates
    For Southern California see: SCE Rebates or Southern California Edison Rebate for Energy Efficiency
    For San Diego see: SDGE Rebates, SDG&E, or San Diego Gas and Electric Rebate for Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency Rebates for other locations.

    PG&E Energy Partners Program – Free Products

    Caulk Windows Sealers Fillers

    PG&E has an Energy Partners Program that provides income-qualified customers free energy education, weatherization measures and energy-efficient appliances to reduce gas and electric usage.

    They provide:

    • Attic insulation
    • Caulking
    • CFLs
    • Door weather-stripping
    • Energy-saver showerhead
    • Minor home repair
    • Water heater blanket

    Free Education and Assessment, Installation and Delivery, and Free Inspections.

    You can contact them at 1-800-933-9555

    PG&E Energy Efficient Rebates are another way to save money.

    PG&E CFL Website

    CFL, Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

    Our local utility PG&E has a mini site dedicated to CFL. (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) Where to buy them at a discounted price, what advantages are, where to recycle them.

    Free PGE Energy Efficiency Classes

    solar power

    Pacific Gas and Electric has some free classes on various Energy conservation topics including Solar Power Basics for Residential Customers, HVAC, Water & Energy, and Lighting. It is always nice to get vendor neutral information. Some classes are available online to any user.

    Let’s face it, not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars to pay for a solar system and even with no money down leases, you still need to be informed. Looking for new ways to save energy is only a class away.

    Classes take place at:

    Pacific Energy Center
    851 Howard Street
    San Francisco


    Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Energy Training Center
    1129 Enterprise St.
    Stockton, CA 95204

    PG&E Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) to Lower Energy Costs


    Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has recently added the voluntary Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) program that gives lower energy rates on non-CPP event days (non peak days) in exchange for higher rates on CPP event days. (high use Summer days)

    You agree to pay higher peak rates of 60 cents a kilowatt-hour on no more than 15 days a year in exchange for a 3 cent discount on all other energy use times.

    This is designed for businesses using more than 200 kW per month who can pull back energy use during peak days. The program has resulted in lower bills for some big customers like datacenters.

    PG&E Climate Smart Program has ended

    Also read: Save Energy and money on your energy bill.

    Posted on January 14th, 2015
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    26 Responses to “PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates 2014 – 2015”

    1. Jasper Says:

      The UK Government introduced its Boiler Scrappage Scheme last week: potentially thousands of homeowners with inefficient old boilers will get £400 vouchers to spend on new replacement ones. The money can also go towards a solar hot water system: if it’s an advanced one, such as the LaZer2 designed by SolarUK, the combination of this and an energy efficient boiler should be a winning one in terms of supplying a household’s hot water requirements for most of the year without reliance on fossil fuels.

    2. Jeff Pearce Says:

      Where is my rebate check for new HE/maytag washer&dryer?

    3. Matt Kramer Says:

      We purchased a new fridge, microwave, range, dishwasher, and an on demand hot water heater in December are we still eligible for a rebate on these items?

    4. easy eco blog Says:

      Contact the Smarter Energy Line at 1-800-933-9555


      How do I print out the rebate form for new HE dishwasher and water heater which we purchased in 2009 and installed in our renovated kitchen in January 2010?

    6. PGE Energy Partners Program – Free Products | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] PG&E Energy Efficient Rebates are another way to save money as are our tips in Save Energy and money on your energy bill. Share: […]

    7. Dan Mann Says:

      We recently installed new double pane windows throughout our house, and then replaced our old furnace. Are there rebates for these items? If so, how do I apply? A response will be appreciated. Thanx, D.M.

    8. easy eco blog Says:


      See this post for the Federal Tax Credit on Windows and Doors

    9. easy eco blog Says:

      Check the rebate links listed on this page and ask your local utility:

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      […] 1993, a new model will use half the energy.  Recycle your old Fridge and take advantage of any Energy rebates available. […]

    11. Washing Clothes in Cold Water the Green way | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] your Clothes Washer was made before 1994, a new high efficiency one will use about half the energy. Energy Rebates are available with a new washer or […]

    12. Green Water and Energy Savings Dishwashers, Save Water, Energy Star | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] maximum water use threshold of 6.5 gallons per cycle. Some Energy Star ones do not meet this goal. Rebates are available from many utility […]

    13. SCE Rebates, Southern California Edison Rebate for Energy Efficiency | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] Northern California Energy Rebates see: PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates For Southern California see: SCE Rebates or Southern California Edison Rebate for Energy Efficiency […]

    14. SDGE Rebates, SDG&E, or San Diego Gas and Electric Rebate for Energy Efficiency | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] Northern California Energy Rebates see: PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates For Southern California see: SCE Rebates or Southern California Edison Rebate for Energy Efficiency […]

    15. Variable speed Pool Pumps - Energy Efficient Pool Pumps | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] cost from $800 to $1500 plus $500 – $800 for installation.  A $100 rebate is available from PG&E Energy Efficiency rebates and many other utilities, making payback time in 2 – 3 […]

    16. aw Says:

      will pg@e or the feds please put up the rebate for upgrade windows in a primary home again……….for 2011

    17. Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency - Water Heaters | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] dip! Local utilities like PG&E have their own rebates for Energy Efficient […]

    18. Mike Thatcher Says:

      I am looking for (10) new 400 watt lights for Associated Compressor & Equipment we have now in our shop. Is there some kind of rebate program? Can you come out and look at what we have an possibly recoment a replacment?

      Please get back to me ASAP please.

      Buisness phone #559-485-3184

    19. Recycle My Old Fridge, Energy Star, Conserve Power | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] Utilities Such As PG&E have Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates. […]

    20. Recycle Everything - Recycling Tips | Easy Eco Blog Says:

      […] Utilities Such As PG&E have Energy Efficient Appliance […]

    21. Louisa Gholamrezaei Says:

      Please help?????? We bought a frigerator at Sears Fresno Ca Store in Manchester mall. On the refrigator was a rebate sticker in the store saying that if you Buy a refrigerator PGE will pick-up the old one if its running can you please give me the phone number for this and a email address.Thank you Louisa Gholamrezaei,

    22. Norman Fong Says:

      Here is the link:

    23. Betty Chan Says:

      I have my duct replaced this July 2014,do I qualify for rebate.

    24. Norman Fong Says:

      You can visit this page to learn about their rebates

    25. Tom kosena Says:

      Interested in replacing single pane windows in an older with new energy-efficient double pane. Are there tax or PGN E credits in Northern California that we might take advantage of. Thank you

    26. Norman Fong Says:

      We are discussing PG&E or Pacific Gas and Electric. I am not familiar with PGN. You need to contact your local energy utility to find out about local rebates.

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